lunes, enero 29, 2007

Repudio al burro parado y su zorra

Sique de EL JUSTO RECLAMO nos envía:

Hola Conny:

Te envío esta carta para que la circules y se envíe a la compañía
canadiense Power within que invitó a los fox (zorros) a dar una
supuesta conferencia. Si pueden redactar una propia, bien, si no, lo
único que tienen que hacer es contactarse a, luego
picarle a contact us, copiar texto, pegarlo, y mandarla.

It is outrageous that you announce Vicente Fox as "a charismatic
reformer, who played a vital role in Mexico's democratization and
strengthened the country's economy". It is a lie, Mr. Fox has
contributed to fraudulent Mexican elections, even the Judicial
Tribunal stated that his ilegal intervention during the campaigns
were inadecuate and elections were put at risk because of him. He
cinically declared that "he was the first president to win two
elections," as he, against our Constitution, made campaign for Calderon
so he could be safe with respect to his involvement in corruption. So
he is known in Mexico as a traitor to democracy and during his term
poverty was increased from 40 millions to 50 millions mexicans. He
couldn't deliver his last message to the nation because people
rejected him and he is one of the most hated politicians because of
the damage he caused to the nation. On the other hand, his wife
Martha has been accused of ilegal activities to favor her family who
had obtained enormous and inexplicable benefits in business. This
sooner or later will come out to international knowledge and your
company will certainly look very bad.

Yo ya se las envié, y los invito a hacer lo mismo. Como todo lo que escribe Sique, el texto es excelente. saludos